SEATTLE -- The head of an organization tasked with operating a new homeless Navigation Center in Seattle says even the most 'grizzled' homeless residents will be able to find help.

The Navigation Center, set to open sometime this summer in the International District, will be a 24 hour, low-barrier shelter designed to connect homeless individuals to services and transition them to permanent housing. Unlike a typical shelter, residents will receive more individualized care -- even those who don't qualify or could not be admitted into a current shelter.

"We do think it's going to reach a segment of a homeless population that we as a system have not had much success with so far," said Daniel Malone, Director of the Downtown Emergency Service Center.

Malone says a navigation team is reaching out to residents who may qualify for the center, including those who were just displaced with the closure of 'the field' homeless camp in Seattle's SoDo district.

"Even some of the most 'grizzled' street veterans out there will accept a housing offer when its made in the right kind of circumstances," Malone said. "The problem in the past is that we haven't had enough housing to offer people."

The Navigation Center is modeled after a similar idea in San Francisco that is making headway in the effort to address homelessness.