Seattle mayor Ed Murray unveiled his action plan to meet the immediate needs of the homeless, while the City works on a long term solution.

Murray told the City Council that his plan includes safer alternative spaces to live, tripled outreach, improved trash and needle pickup, and “compassionate” protocols for encampments, including not displacing camps that don’t pose a safety risk if the City cannot provide alternative housing.

The city will reach out to private and non-profit sectors to secure more immediate shelter space, and use the Seattle Navigation Center, a round-the-clock living facility that opens in January 2017.

The interim plan is intended to address the immediate crisis, in addition to the Mayor’s long-term solution. Murray has pledged $7.6 million to the immediate effort.

“[It] recognizes our need to bridge the gap as we still have over 3,000 people living unsheltered on our streets,” Murray said in a statement.

In September, Murray released his long-term plan, “Pathways Home,” which focused on getting the homeless into housing more quickly and streamlining the process. The city aims to have 500 homeless families off the streets by next year.