SEATTLE - The City of Seattle says a majority of homeless residents are white, local, and recently lost a job.

Those are just some of the general takeaways in the 2016 Homeless Needs Assessment released Friday, which was a series of interviews with more than 1,000 homeless residents.

The survey reveals that 67 percent of the survey participants refuse to use shelters. 37 percent do so because they’re too crowded, and the remaining 30 percent because the shelters are bug infested. The same survey also says a majority of residents have been homeless for more than a year.

This assessment comes at a time when the City's Mayor Ed Murray is pushing more than quarter billion dollar property tax to pay for more homeless services.

It also came on the same day Seattle councilmember Sally Bagshaw toured the encampment known as "The Field" on Royal Brougham and Airport Way. Bagshaw could be visibly seen talking with multiple campers and left the area without discussing her next move or how she will use the information gleaned from her visit.

“The Field” replaced the encampment known as "The Jungle" under Interstate 5, and is scheduled to be swept on Tuesday after rising issues with crime, debris, and a rat infestation.