In the last ten years, Mary's Place homeless shelter has moved in and out of ten different buildings.

That was about to happen again when it needed to leave the old Travelodge hotel to make way for new Amazon offices.

But then this happened: Amazon surprised the organization with a gift.

Mary's Place gets to stay, except now it will have a permanent, six-story home adjoining Amazon's new offices.

"It's an incredible gift," said Marty Hartman, Mary's Place executive director. "It's the very first time we've ever had our own address, our own home, our own door!"

The new home will have enough rooms for 65 families or about 220 people.

"We all know homelessness is a huge challenge," said John Schoettler, Amazon's vice president in charge of global real estate. "They'll have their own entrance, six floors, community spaces and individual guest suites on each of the floors."

The new building opens in 2020.

Until then, after Mary's Place moves out of the old Travelodge property for it to be torn down, a staff member says they'll move to another motel space a few blocks away.

"It's pure love and hope," said Hartman. "They don't have to worry where they're going to be tonight because we're all working on tomorrow."