Mary's Place, the Seattle-based non-profit organization that creates shelters for homeless families, is increasing its reach with the opening of a new shelter.

The building, a former Mexican restaurant at 160th and Aurora, comes complete with a counter and commercial kitchen and has enough space to help up to 30 mothers with children.

This now makes 10 shelters for Mary's Place which first opened a small shelter for struggling families in downtown Seattle in 1999.

The organization provides up to 170,000 bed nights every year. That's up from 2,300 nights in 2010 when Mary's Place saw a large influx of homeless families during the economic recession.

In May, Amazon announced it will donate more than 47,000 sq. ft. of space within the company's newest headquarters in downtown Seattle.

The space will serve as a permanent location for a Mary's Place Family Shelter. This first-of-its-kind partnership will include 65 rooms, which will shelter more than 200 homeless women, children, and families each night.

Shelters and Resource Centers:

  • Mary’s Place Day Center in downtown Seattle for women experiencing homelessness.
  • Emergency Family Shelter in downtown Seattle (Belltown) houses 48 women and children.
  • Julia’s Place provides shelter for five families at Madrona Grace Church.
  • Mary’s Place Family Center in North Seattle provides night shelter to 100 family members and is a resource center each day for families, providing housing and employment resources along with co-located local service providers.
  • Mary’s Place Family Center in White Center provides housing and employment resources each day and shelter for 70 family members each night.
  • Mary’s Place in The Regrade in downtown Seattle provides shelter for 300 family members, including extended families and families with pets.
  • Mary’s Place Shoreline provides shelter for 40 moms and children – 160th and Aurora.
  • Mary’s Place Family Center in Northshore will open this summer as a resource center and shelter for 70 family members.
  • The Rotating Night Shelter houses 5-6 families with help from over 20 local congregations.