REDMOND, Wash -- With Spring just around the corner, the City of Redmond welcomed the change of season in a colorful fashion.

On Sunday, the Vedic Cultural Center (VCC) Sammamish hosted the "throwing of colors" at the Holi Festival, an Indian tradition that represents the coming of spring. For five hours, locals from various parts of Seattle danced, ate and threw vividly colored chalk paint at each other at Redmond City Hall.

Damodara Prasad Das, a member of the VCC, was one the lead organizers of the Holi event. Das explained this transitional time between winter and spring is an opportunity to bring a feeling of joy and happiness to the people. To take the true meaning of Holi to heart means to have fun with color.

“When the Spring comes, essentially we are coming out of winter, so [to] bring the joyfulness in the people's minds and heart we bring lots of people out," said Das. “Holi means [to] throw colors at each other and have fun.”

Red, green, yellow, purple, blue, and orange. These aren’t just colors, but the feeling of joy and unity the community of Redmond shared Sunday afternoon.

“Colors mean joy. When you see white, you are not, but when you see the seven rainbows, when you see the people, they're all happy," said Das. "Everybody is welcome. That's what the idea is.”

This is the fifth year that VCC has hosted the Holi Festival in Redmond. Founded in 1967, Das shared that the VCC has been apart of the community for 50 years, and its roots are spread throughout Seattle. By publicly sharing events such as the Holi Festival, locals can experience the diverse cultures that embody Seattle.

“Diversity, it's going to be apart of the community,” said Das. “Use the same culture to bind different people together.”

Lean how you can get involved in upcoming events on the Vedic Cultural Center website.