No, you're not crazy.

Seattle City Light acknowledged Tuesday numerous complaints about higher than normal electric bills as a result, it says, of multiple factors.

In a briefing before the Seattle City Council's Energy and Environment Committee, the agency says the unusually cold winter played a significant part. However, it came at a time when a new 5.6 percent rate increase and 1.5 percent rate stabilization account surcharge also went into effect.

City Light staffers also say the bad weather didn't allow meter readers to do their normal work, and 11 percent of reads were estimated, five times more than normal.

On top of it all, says City Light, a new system has caused some adjustments for employees. Normally, employees are tasked with flagging bills that are unusually high and correcting them manually. However, it didn't happen.

"We're not as proactive with the system yet, but we will be in the next few months," said Kelly Enright, customer care director for City Light.

City Light says customers should continue to call if they notice an abnormality. Another rate increase is expected January 2018.