The Kirkland home known for its elaborate Christmas light display that features the Seahawks logo will remain dark this year. Anthony Mish and his family have been decorating the “Hawk House” for the last five years.
The display featured hundreds of thousands of lights, synchronized music and an indoor display with Santa Clause. “It just kind of exploded, kind of outgrew the neighborhood” Mish explained.

The thousands who flocked to see the outdoor and indoor festivities caused problems for some of the neighbors. Mish said there were issues with traffic and parking “you got people trying to come home and it's got to be frustrating trying to get to their house.”

Last year, Mish tried cutting back how often the lights were one and turning down the music but it’s hard to make everyone happy. Mish said trying to deal with all of it “took away a lot of the luster of it and the fun.”
Neighbors like Todd Berringer say it will not be the same on their street. “It's going to be kind of a bummer for a lot of folks that expected to bring their family's back for the 6th year in a row” he explained.

Berringer says he's especially going to miss seeing the hawk's logo on the roof. “Coming home every night you could see that thing lit up and it would just fire you up” he said.

They're talking with potential sponsors and other possible venues where they can do it next year. Mish says he might consider moving, if that’s what it takes to bring back the event.
For now, he plans to use the time this year to visit other local displays. “I'm trying to take a look at it that everything happens for a reason and trying to be positive” he said.