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Halloween is just around the corner. If your child hasn’t decided on what to be this year, Waste Management has some ideas with products you may already have around the house.

The Jelly Fish:
--Use an old umbrella that your child can hold.
--Tie on strips of plastic bags (grocery bags or produce bags) and bubble wrap.
-- Use Old Yogurt lids as the eyes. You’ll need to use a marker to fill in the shape of the eyes inside the lids. Attach them to the front of the umbrella.
-- This is especially a great idea for trick-or-treating in the northwest weather!

The Diver:
--Two 2-liter soda bottles (empty) painted black or silver.
--Glue the bottles to painted cardboard.
--Use colored ribbon tied to the top and bottom of the cardboard (these will be the straps for the costume).
--Diver’s mask.

Waste Management truck:
--Follow this link for step-by-step instructions from Waste Management. You can also print out the logos that can attach to the sides of the truck. http://mediaroom.wm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Make-Your-Own-Waste-Management-Truck-Costume.pdf