Tiffany Platt was tired of the crying that came with trying to wash her young daughters’ hair. Sure, some of those may have been her own stress-induced tears, but Platt was mostly battling stinging, shampoo-filled eyes on her girls.

With a background in mechanical engineering, the Seattle mom went to work designing a solution to a pain point that should be familiar to most parents — when a bath before bedtime turns into a nightmare.

#tbt My daughter used to give me this attitude whenever I told her it was time to wash her hair.

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Her smile says it all. 🙂

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Platt and her family moved to Seattle from San Francisco two years ago. Her husband Cliff took a job with Amazon and Platt took to setting up a new house up and getting the girls — Avery, 6, and Charlotte, 4 — settled. She abandoned a brief job search of her own.

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