Buckle up, because a new report from Madrona Venture Group predicts we’re speeding toward a self-driving future faster than you might think.

The report from the Seattle-based venture capital firm foresees Interstate 5 between Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., becoming entirely dedicated to autonomous vehicles (AVs) by 2040. The report, by Madrona managing director Tom Alberg; senior associate Daniel Li; and Craig Mundie, former Microsoft chief research and strategy officer, is an update to a study Madrona released a year ago — and it is even more bullish on the future of AVs.

In the new report, the group says this transformation will occur in three stages. First, AVs will be allowed to share HOV lanes. The study’s authors say that this phase could be implemented today and note that California law already allows self-driving cars to use carpool lanes. Step two would involve creating a lane dedicated to AVs. Step three: converting all I-5 lanes to be used exclusively by self-driving cars.

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