As an executive assistant at Amazon, Stephanie Hubley’s job involves retaining and compartmentalizing information and answering questions coming at her from a variety of sources and directions. It’s a skill set that suits her strong interest in trivia games — and landed her a spot on “Jeopardy.”

Hubley, who has been at Amazon for about seven months, supports two directors and a vice president in the Kindle Reader group. She has watched the iconic game show since she was a kid, growing up in Tacoma, Wash.

“I would actually say that I’m more of a casual ‘Jeopardy’ fan than anything. It’s not like I watch the show religiously,” Hubley said. “Obviously I watched the show growing up and then every now and then when it was on TV, but really it’s because I just kind of like trivia. I did quiz bowl in high school and I do bar trivia now and so I’ve always thought it’s kind of fun.”

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