Among the surprise guests at the much-anticipated grand opening of Funko store and headquarters in Everett: filmmaker Kevin Smith.

“Just a dopey little retail outlet can open and change a community, can rebrand a community with a new identity. This, the Funko brand name, is on the finger of pop culture right now. To have the temple of Funko in Everett, it elevates the community,” Smith said, who was in Everett to film an episode of "Comic Book Men" on AMC and to receive his own personal pop.

“Honestly, in my line of work you're supposed to want to win an Oscar, but I didn't care. I got a pop,” Smith said of the four-inch vinyl figurine featuring a square head.

Thousands of people showed up and some even camped overnight in order to be one of the first thousand people to make it into the Funko opening on Saturday.

“Everyone showing off their nerdiness. Star Wars nerds, DC nerds, Harry Potter nerds, we're all out here just having a great time,” someone dressed as Star Lord said. “It’s the only reason to come to Everett.”

When it comes to describing the Snohomish County city, even "Funatics" or Funko fans are not always kind.

“Everett's kind of always had this stigma, like 'Oh it's Everett.' So not really high end and not really a fun place to go,” said Arlington’s Jason Johnson. “I think it's going to bring some nerd culture, which is great, and give people a reason to come here and tour around Everett.”