The frequency and scale of mass shooting events can be numbing, and some people say they're sadly resigned to the fact that mass shootings have become commonplace in the United States.

“All we can do is just helplessly wait for the next shooting to happen,” said Mariah McHenry, 21, a Washington State University student who has written for Odyssey, a website for millennials.

She wrote an article last month titled "America's Mass Shootings Made Me Numb to the Las Vegas Attack." McHenry says she could've re-published that piece this week. The sentiments are the same, even stronger.

“It just feels like it's going to happen again, because it always happens, and we don't do anything about it, so, why wouldn't it happen again?” she said.

Among the arguing and finger-pointing on Facebook, there is also a sense of resignation.

"Unfortunately just another day on (sic) America," wrote Alen M. on the KING 5 Facebook page.

"The deadliest mass shooting in 35 days," noted Rebecca M.

“Nothing changes if nothing changes. Any good ideas out there because clearly what we have isn't working," posted Jeff L.

For McHenry, and many others, what happened in Texas, Las Vegas, and Orlando, in theaters, churches, schools, and homes, has become alarmingly commonplace.

“Now it's just like a normal occurrence, and that's really sad,” she said.