A movie subscription service is making big moves to get audiences out of the house.

MoviePass announced a dramatic price cut in their monthly service. For just $10 every month, subscribers can see one movie every day.

Variety reports the company has been around since 2011 but never picked up steam with a lofty $50 per month fee. Now, the company is offering an 80 percent price cut and people are taking notice.

The service is fairly simple to use. Users can search through the mobile app to select a 2D showing at a nearby theater. After selecting a showtime, the movie ticket will upload to a permanent debit card that theater employees can process at the box office.

Not everyone is jumping for joy at the thought of cheap movies.

In an online statement published Tuesday, AMC Theatres writes "the reselling of movie tickets is not in the best interest of moviegoers, movie theatres, and movie studios."

Proving they aren't all bark and no bite, AMC is looking into taking legal steps to prevent the MoviePass program from being used at its theatres.

So what's the catch? There doesn't seem to be any immediate concerns. But you've got to wonder how the company can be sustainable long term if they let users see nearly 30 movies a month for only a $9.95 monthly fee.

MoviePass is accepted at over 91% of theaters nationwide.