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Heavy rain and hail drenched Snohomish County Thursday night, causing a flash flood in Marysville, washing out Heineck Farms, which spans across 150 acres starting in the 900 block of Sunnyside Blvd.

Pat Linquist, the farmer who owns the land, says there's about three feet of water in the barn and at least a foot of mud in the fields. He says he wouldn't be surprised if the farm was a total loss. 

He says it could not have happened at a worse time; he grows grass hay, and harvest begins in June.

Linquist says he tried to do what he could to save his farm, but there was just too much water.

"Pushing trees that washed down the hill.. out of the way of the culvert pipes, at first I was trying to keep the roads clear, but I gave up on that," Linquist said.