Wondering if your fireworks are legal?

The Washington State Fire Marshal doesn't want you to take any chances and encourages buying only from licensed fireworks stands.

"Stay away from high-powered, illegal explosive devices such as M80s or homemade devices," Washington State Fire Marshal Charles LeBlanc said. "While the 4th of July only happens once a year, these devices can cause a life-altering injury that can last you a lifetime."

LeBlanc said to remember the three Bs for firework safety: be prepared, be safe, and be responsible.

Here are 10 signs from the State Fire Marshal's Office that fireworks may be illegal:

  • They were not purchased from a Washington State licensed fireworks stand
  • They were purchased through an online vendor, mail order, or a listing on OfferUp
  • The person selling you the fireworks tells you they were bought in another state
  • They are not packaged in brightly colored paper
  • They do not have any safety warnings or instructions on the packaging
  • The packaging does not indicate the country of manufacture
  • It resembles a roll of coins with a fuse coming out the side
  • It is wrapped with plain brown paper
  • It is solid red, silver or brown in color
  • It looks homemade:
  • Wrapped in electrical tape
  • Fuse isn't taped down