Some relief tonight for two Federal Way families: the man who killed their sons is again the subject of court-ordered alcohol monitoring.

Alexander Peder was driving drunk in 2010 when he plowed into three teenagers, killing two and severely injuring one. Their car had broken down on Interstate 5.

“It feels like torture being back in court with this man over and over and over,” said Mary Bobbit, mother of Nick Hodgins, who was killed in the crash. “It brings back all the memories of the accident and seeing my son dying in the hospital.”

“It’s very, very difficult. It’s hard to see the man who killed your son,” said Randall King, father of Derek King, who was also killed in the crash.

Recently, a judge lifted the restrictions requiring Peder to use an alcohol monitoring device at home. Monday, prosecutors asked the judge to reverse his decision and claimed Peder got around the rules by skipping tests and driving a different car. They also say Department of Corrections officers found a bottle of vodka in his freezer.

“My client has no problem with a ‘no consumption’ on this case, even though the circumstances around it, though there are suspicions, they didn't find him drinking and no positive UA,” Peder’s attorney said.

Peder declined to say anything in court.

The judge decided to re-impose the Smart Start at-home alcohol testing, which is a hand-held device that alerts Peder to test his blood alcohol level. He still has an ignition interlock device in his car until 2020.

“He's got nothing to show me that he's really been clean and sober,” the judge said.

Families say they’re relieved for now. Peder’s next court date is May 26, two weeks before the 7-year anniversary of their sons’ deaths.

“It just compounds what we’re going through: the frustration, the grief, anxiety of what happened,” King said.

Both pairs of parents say they come to court to prevent other families from losing loved ones to drunk drivers.

“Time is never going to make it go away – I lost my son,” Bobbitt said, continuing, “but I just can't let this man kill someone else.”