An eastside family filed suit against the state Tuesday for a mistake that led to the early release of thousands of inmates.

One of those inmates ended up killing Lindsay Hill, a mother of two.

Hill's mother, Jane Noel, talked about the pain and anguish from the night she died in November 2015.

"They came and knocked on my door," remembered Noel. "That's when I found out. They said you need to come be with your grandsons. There was an accident. Your daughter was in the car."

35-year-old Hill died in a car crash outside her Bellevue home. The man she was dating had been driving the car. But Robert Terrance Jackson ran from the scene.

Hill's 13-year-old son heard the crash, went outside, and found his mom.

"He saw Lindsay dead under the car that night. And he's had tremendous trauma from that," Noel said. "He has nightmares. He is in a couple different therapies a week. I am, as well as my husband. We're doing the best we can."

As if their loss wasn't bad enough, the family soon learned that Jackson should never have been with their daughter in the first place. He should have been behind bars.

Jackson was one of more than three thousand inmates the Department of Corrections prematurely released for more than decade. In late 2015, the state went public with the revelation, blaming a computer programming error that calculated prisoners' sentences.

While DOC identified the problem in 2012, it didn't fix it for three years.

"They're little boys," said Noel of her grandsons. "They never should have lost their mom. The state and the DOC made a huge mistake in letting this killer out early. He killed her. And he should not have because he should have been in prison."

DOC Secretary Dan Pacholke resigned in 2016 amidst the political uproar over the early releases.

The state confirmed it received notice that the claim was filed today, but issued no further comment about the case.