The fliers certainly stand out: 'Loving Family: Looking to Adopt.'

They're posted alongside ads for musical acts and other businesses on telephone poles in Seattle, Redmond and other area cities.

"We get calls about every day," said Eliza, who posted the fliers with her husband Cory.

Eliza and Cory are looking for a birth mother to call them to arrange a private adoption.

"It's a huge decision and such a selfless one," said Eliza, who asked us not to use her last name.

"Our first call was a girl offering to be a surrogate for us. Just the general positivity. I can't believe someone would just offer to grow a baby for us inside of them."

Eliza and Cory declined that offer.

They've gotten calls from supportive adoptive parents and church-goers, but so far, not the one they're hoping for: woman who is contemplating giving up her child.

The fliers says: "College educated, stay at home, software engineer dad and silly, loving big sister. Have completed a favorable home study and are approved to adopt. Open to any race and gender, under 3 years old."

The family has one biological child, but Eliza was unable to get pregnant again, so they decided to pursue adoption.

If you are interested in contacting Eliza and Cory, their adoption phone number is 425-298-6241 or