This will be the final spring for a popular family-owned nursery in Des Moines. Furney's, which sits on several acres along Pacific Highway South, is closing after more than 70 years of planting.

“This property has become very, very valuable over the years, so they got an offer they couldn’t refuse, so they sold the property,” Jason Billingsley, a certified professional horticulturist at Furney’s Nursery, said.

“I'm sad. It's been here forever,” Lisa Ramsey, one of the customers making a final visit, said. Furney’s is expected to close by the end of May.

The business started as a fruit stand on the side of what was a dirt road, tucked away in the woods in 1929. Over the years it grew into a sprawling nursery and a perennial source of advice for gardeners.

“They really treat you like you’re one of their own and they tell you what to plant and how to plant,” customer Andrew Ried-Munro said.

The Furney family’s beloved Japanese maple tree is already packed up, ready to get barged up to Ketchikan, Alaska, where it will be re-planted at the home of nursery owner Bob Furney.

“It was planted by Edith Furney actually back before the nursery started and has been here for over 70 years,” Billingsley said. 

He says a pair of industrial warehouses are planned for the property and are expected to be built this summer.