SEATTLE -- If you watched the news on April 12, 2017, all you saw about a deadly shooting on Rainier Ave. S was video of some flashing police lights and officers walking through the neighborhood.

Latrel Williams, 35, was killed in the shooting.

Williams' family contacted us and invited us to attend his funeral.

According to his aunt, Michelle Truss, the family hopes Williams can be remembered as an innocent victim who was not involved in gang activity.

Williams leaves behind a 12-year-old son.

He coached youth football and was a small business owner.

His funeral drew more than 100 people at Church by the Side of the Road in Tukwila.

Here is a sampling of the eulogies delivered by Williams' friends and family:

"As a young girl who looks up to my older cousin, I'm so tired of losing them. To think their lives ended at the hands of someone else, so young, kills me. I feel like it's the norm for me to show up for funerals for my boy cousins. I'm tired of it. I'm so angry. I'm angry at the system that makes it normal for so many other people, so many black people. I'm angry that my cousin who can do right, be something, can still get gunned down at the hands of somebody else. His son doesn't have a father because somebody was too quick to take someone else's life."

"It's crazy how life goes. The good ones get taken away too early and the bad ones are still here. The ones messed up are still here."

"I can't believe this is actually happening, that we're actually here."