Since November, the KING 5 Investigators have been publishing reports in a continuing series - "Last of the Institutions." The series examined a myriad of reasons why there is a push across the country to stop the institutionalization of people with developmental disabilities and instead, integrate this population into the community.

Unlike many states, including Oregon, Alaska, New Mexico, Minnesota and California that have already closed all of their institutions or have concrete plans to do so, Washington still operates four large facilities and has no plans to downside or close them.

In the last few weeks, a new website management system has precluded people from posting comments. Understandably, this has been frustrating for many family members who have loved ones living in one of the facilities.

So we invited advocates of the institutions, known in Washington as Residential Habilitation Centers (RHCs), to email us their comments with the promise of posting them.

Read their comments:

Terri Anderson

Jeanie Barrett

Elizabeth Cantrell

Jan Cosser

Saskia Davis

Cheryl Felak

Judy Gibbs

DuWane Huffaker

Elizabeth Jackson

William Looney

Leone and Mac McMullen

John, Sonja and Mark Mahaney

Sola Raynor

Becky Scholl

Paul Strand

Bonnie Sullivan

Mary Beth Thompson