EVERETT, Wash. -- In addition to a series of gymnasiums, pools and workout rooms, the Snohomish County YMCA has its own ghost named "George" and a series of "ghost rooms."

"That gives you a sense of the vintage of the building and some of the history," said YMCA Executive Director Scott Washburn. "We have a great facility here. The challenge is it's 100 years old."

Lacking elevators, adequate plumbing and proper space, Washburn said the organization has been looking for a new home for decades. Despite the size, the YMCA is using just 60% of its available space. Now, the organization is starting to put a plan together.

On Thursday, the YMCA agreed to a deal with the Everett School District to buy its old administration building south of downtown for $3.3 million.

"It's either relocate, replace or not serve the Everett community," said Washburn.

Snohomish County YMCA is currently building a new facility in Stanwood. It expects the Everett complex to cost up to $32 million and be built in the next three or four years.