Bikini baristas in Everett will now be forced to cover up after the city council passed a new law Wednesday. The hope is the law will take a bite out of prostitution in the city.

The ordinance targets "quick service" facilities. It requires that "minimum body areas" are covered, meaning everything from the chest down to three inches below the buttocks. Everything must be covered whether the person is standing, sitting, reaching, bending, or performing any work duties. See-through garments are not allowed.

The public had a chance to weigh in before the vote. One bikini barista said it wasn't fair to levy the ordinance on everyone because a few may be doing something illegal.

Another wanted to know if bikini baristas would be the only ones monitored or if employees at "family friendly" stands would also be subject to oversight. "Quick service" facilities are described in the ordinance as coffee stands, fast food restaurants, delis, food trucks, coffee shops, and drive-thru food and beverage services.