They're just three humble sisters who happen to play music together, but in their hometown of Edmonds, the Gothard Sisters are drawing attention from a growing fan base here and around the world.

The Gothard Sisters posed for pictures and attracted glances as they walked into the Edmonds Theater for a rehearsal Friday.

Greta, Solana, and Willow Gothard are now a national touring act on the Irish music circuit.

"We have a lot of different musical interests, but this is the one we can't stop listening to," said Willow.

The sisters have been playing gigs since Solana, the baby of the bunch, was just 10-years-old.

A decade later, they've played in 32 states, and their Christmas album hit No. 13 on the Billboard World Music chart.

"I thought it was a fake email when they told us," she said, with a laugh. "We were so excited to be among some of the greats."

The Gothard Sisters begin a new American tour in May.

Greta, now 30, started playing the violin as a child and her two little sisters followed suit. Soon after, they got interested in Irish dancing.

When Willow was just 10-years-old, she and Greta placed second in the world championships of Irish dancing.

That led to Irish music, something the sisters have been able to make a career of thanks, in part, to their mom who home-schooled the girls over the years and encouraged their dreams.

"They're incredible girls," she said. "I couldn't be more proud."

With all of their successes, the Gothard Sisters say the greatest is the fact that they've remained so close through it all. Whether on the road or at home living with mom and dad, they're pretty much drama-free. That, they say, is because sisterhood is the real source of the music they make.

"We get to work with the people we like the best," said Willow. "It's working with your best friends all the time."