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Utility crews rescued multiple people who were trapped in their cars in Lacey after a powerful storm toppled power lines on the road Thursday.

The day started out as a sunny spring day, but the weather quickly turned wild late in the afternoon. Storm cells brought pockets of thunder, lightning, rain, wind and hail to areas in the Puget Sound region, toppling trees and power lines.

When the winds hit Lacey, they downed live power lines onto the Yelm Highway, trapping people in 11 cars. Some 20 people stayed inside their vehicles for hours as the power company shut off power to the lines and sent crews to the scene.

A couple of hours later, first responders were able to remove some lines and begin moving the cars out.

"My knees are still shaking, two and a half hours in the car," driver Yvonne Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez had sat in her car when the winds came, and it got dark. While she couldn't see anything, she did hear a crash behind her. When the weather cleared up, she realized a live power line had fallen across the front of her car. Rodriguez sat in her car while utility crews removed the lines and deemed it safe to leave.

"Everybody got lucky. Even a car didn't get hurt from one of those wooden power lines," said Rodriguez.

KING 5's Drew Mikkelsen, Heather Bosch and Liza Javier contributed to this report.