They’ve helped hundreds of women get ready for the workforce and now “Dress For Success” needs your help. After 15 years, the organization is desperate to find a new home.

Their current sponsorship and lease with the YWCA is expiring, and they will have to move on by June, at the latest.

“Our current situation is we are becoming independent, we need a new location, and we need the funds to survive,” Dress for Success Volunteer Hilda Gutierrez said. “If anybody has access to retail space that they can either donate or lease at a discount that would be amazing.”

Dress for Success Seattle works to provide women in need with a full wardrobe for a job interview, and if they land the position they are supplied with a week’s worth of clothing. But it doesn’t stop with a suit; women are helped with confidence and connections to ensure they are ready to take on whatever challenges they encounter.

“We’re all volunteer based and we’re all fighting for this cause because we’ve seen firsthand with the clients what it means and what it does,” Gutierrez said.

Lorena Ware is now a project manager and one of the many success stories from the program.

“It’s a mentorship where you are introduced to women who are striving to improve their professional and personal life,” Ware said. "It’s hope, and it started with that suit and it continues on.”

Christine Vanderwerf also went through the program several years ago and now she’s an Executive Senior Assistant.

“It’s an example of what women, if given the opportunity, can do with resilience and community,” Vanderwerf said.

If you are interested in helping Dress for Success Seattle with a financial donation or know of retail space that is available, please go to