There’s only one way in and out of Fox Island. There’s one bridge that connects about 3,600 people to the rest of Pierce County.

“I love living on this island. I wouldn’t live any place else, but when you live out here you’ve got to be able to take care of yourself,” said Abby Scofield, a volunteer with the Fox Island Emergency Planning Group.

It’s a group of roughly 100 residents that organize island-wide drills along with the Fox Island Citizens group. They are in constant preparation mode to respond to Cascadia Rising.

“If it is that large of a scale of an incident. It’s going to be a very long time before we get any help back here, so we have formed this organization to support the neighborhood groups,” said Doug Adamson, one of the lead citizen organizers.

The organization runs drills several times a year. They practice using HAM radios, checking in people and makeshift shelters, and touring the island by boat to possibly evacuate people.

“We are on an island together, and that’s where I think a lot of the enthusiasm comes from, is that we have a unique situation where we might have to rely on each other, “said Gina Olson, a nurse and volunteer.

Adamson said that while they appear to be a well-oiled machine, they stress they are support for the neighborhood around the island. They hope families will take it upon themselves to be prepared with enough food, water, and a household emergency plan.

“The safest place to be after an incident, a bad disaster, is in your own home,” said Adamson.