For the second year in a row, REI encouraged consumers to #OptOutside on Black Friday.

On this Black Friday, Seattle’s gray finally broke. Turns out, even if the sun hadn’t showed up, many Seattleites would run from shopping crowds.

They’d rather regain their balance in nature after a busy holiday.

“Good place to sit on this beautiful old log,” Stephen Krause said.

Krause and his wife were waiting, but not in line. Like most everyone else at Discovery Park, they waited for nothing really, at all.

“I’m enjoying the beautiful weather,” Krause said. “It’s not raining. It’s mostly sunny.”

Whether walking, or paddling, or swimming, it’s hard to imagine a mall from the spot.

REI gave their 12,000 employees the day off. State and national parks across the country even gave visitors free access.

“You can actually have conversation and not be drowned out by the advertisements,” said Carly Schnoebelen.

It’s why, last year, around 1.5 million people decided to opt out of Black Friday. Even the Seattle sun chose to join in by coming out.