Crews worked throughout the weekend to restore electricity to homes in Thurston County after a powerful storm Thursday left thousands in the dark.

As of Sunday afternoon, around 1,400 people remained without power in Olympia and Lacey. Crews were repairing about 110 outages in Lacey because of fallen trees and vegetation, and about 1,700 outages in Olympia.

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Utility crews and contractors moved in right behind Thursday's storm to try and repair lines, but those left without power said time moved pretty slowly while they waited for the lights to come back on. 

Brett Eberle described it as “boring and quiet.”  Eberle said they don’t have too many outages in this part of Lacey, but there was nothing normal about this storm. 

“It was just a white out. You couldn't see anything” Eberle said.  “Everybody just stopped [their cars] right in the middle of the road."

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There were some cheers among some neighbors when the lights came back on Saturday evening.

Over along Rich Road, crews have their hands full with damage to power lines and poles.  The damage is so extensive, many neighbors say it’s understandable that the repairs will take some time.

Holly and Darrell Palmer said after the storm moved through their neighborhood, it looked like a “war zone."

“The trees exploded. They didn't just fall, they fell and went boom” Holly Palmer said.

The Palmers are making the most of their time without electricity, doing projects around their house and periodically checking on crews to see if things are any closer to getting back to normal.