There's an important court victory for workers at the Space Needle, who complained that their employer was trying to weaken their union.

Julia Dube once worked as a server at the restaurant atop the Space Needle. She was also pretty vocal within her union, Unite Here Local 8.

“Quite active in all of the various participating union activities, whether it was flyers, marchers, or pickets, or even just negotiations with the company,” she said, Monday.

Dube argues she was let go in 2013 as retaliation for being a union activist.

“Residents of the city of Seattle need to ask themselves what lies underneath that beautiful glass exterior,” Dube said.

The National Labor Relations Board looked into the complaints and determined that Space Needle management violated labor laws. Space Needle LLC, which owns the attraction, disagreed with those findings and took the matter all the way up to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Last week, the court denied Space Needle LLC’s request that the court review the issue involving Dube and another worker who was let go.

“I think it's time for the Space Needle to put their ego aside and start doing the right thing as employers, and as far as union strength, honestly, I think the union is quite a bit stronger as a result of this,” Dube said.

In a statement, Space Needle LLC points out that Local 8 withdrew all complaints against the company regarding any violations of federal labor laws or interference with union worker activities.

"We believe that we employ some of the most talented workforce in the Pacific Northwest. We have a commitment to our team members, our guests, and to the community to preserve the Space Needle as a civic icon for future generations, and this translates directly into long-term job security,” the company said.

As for the recent court decision, Space Needle LLC said it's disappointed with that outcome.

“We are comfortable in our position and our actions, and are evaluating our options,” the company said.

The National Labor Relations Board earlier ordered Space Needle to bring back the workers who were let go, and provide them with back pay.