April 6, 2016


I understand that you are accepting responses to your series, "Last of the Institutions." This is my response.

My brother, Danny Schneller, lived at Lakeland Village outside of Spokane. He had Down Syndrome and some other profound disabilities. The staff at Lakeland gave him amazing care!

The biggest challenge for the Lakeland staff was Danny's two-year terminal illness. The final stages were particularly tough! I was guardian at that point, and I live in Seattle. I was totally comfortable having Danny 300 miles away because I knew the Lakeland staff members were highly competent and cared deeply about him.

If Danny had been anywhere other than Lakeland, or another RHC, I would not have been comfortable with the distance during his final illness, but I was comfortable because I was blessed to have him at Lakeland Village.

Please publish my comments.

~Judi Gibbs