April 6, 2016

I viewed all but one of the series of "reports" on residential settings, compared with family or group living. While only best information was shared about family, group or supported independent living for the disabled, I believe Frame, for whatever reason, intentionally attempted an assassination of residential living. My belief is that state residential living is the perfect place for my daughter who is, at 46 years old, utterly dependent as a nine month old child. She is profoundly delayed, has cerebral palsy to the extent that she can only use her right arm, has massive seizures, has medication and feeding and dietary needs. While I support lesser delayed persons having the opportunity for the multitude of living options that are provided in Washington State, I also hold as very precious the residential life that safeguards my daughter. Using lifts, she has access to her own recliner, her own wheelchair, and frequent pool treatments for her tight, spastic muscles. She has daily excursions outside in her wheel chair, frequent trips to the main building for more social life, as well as about 20 trips each year to music events and other events in the community, such as the Central Washington State Fair.

She has a long-term, trained staff that knows what she is trying to indicate, since she does not have speech to show her needs. She is safe, happy, laughing, and interested in the switches that she can manipulate on and off (cause and effect).

In showing the good things about more independent options for the developmentally delayed, I found Frame's use of black and white photos from the 20s and 30s, plus Frame's beginning each session standing by a cyclone fence next to a big green garbage container offensive and insulting. She is not a news reporter; she is a hatchet woman.