Amy Nelson and Kim Peltola didn’t feel at home at co-work spaces around Seattle.

“What we saw was a culture of Bro-working,” said Nelson, citing spaces designed for men in their 20s, who gravitated to ping pong tables, foosball, and beer kegs.

Nelson and Peltola created “The Riveter”, a co-work space in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. They expect it to have a soft launch in mid-April with an official open set for May 1.

The space will offer nine offices with room for 120 collaborative desks, a fitness studio, meditation room, retail space, and other amenities. It was first reported on

Nelson said the business is targeting a wide range of female workers, from freelance workers to entrepreneurs who face unique roadblocks.

“Women founders receive only 7 percent of venture capital funding,” she said. “We’ll help women with fundraising, we’ll help women with building a business plan.”

Of the about 40 shared offices spaces in Seattle, the only other dedicated toward women looked to be the Women’s Business Incubator. It is run out of rented space on the lower level of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Green Lake.

“We’re a little bit of a new model, so we’re kind of up for anything,” said board member Marlene Mejia Weiss.

The non-profit is part-office space, part pre-school. It gives parents who paused their career a track back.

“Just this whole wave of women coming back and they’re an untapped resource of really intelligent women,” said Mejia Weiss.

The cost starts at $12 an hour. Monthly membership costs $850.

Back at The Riveter, they have big plans for the future. They start selling pre-memberships March 15. Nelson said they plan to open a Bellevue location in the fall and 20 West Coast locations in the next four years.