King County says it will reopen the Tolt Hill Road Bridge to noncommercial pickup trucks, cars, bikes and pedestrians around midday on Monday.

The nearly-new bridge was closed on an emergency basis on June 16, after the discovery of a discrepancy between the math used to calculate the required strength of bridge parts and what actually ended up on the blue prints to build it.

Despite the errors and use of smaller bolts, gusset plates and some other parts, the county says the bridge never showed any signs of damage, cracked bolts, bending plates or distortion in the bridge structure in the nine years it was open.

The bridge, which replaced one built in the 1920s, was opened to traffic in May of 2008. Over the years it has carried nearly 10 million vehicles, including a number of heavy trucks.

The county says it will not allow commercial pickups and larger vehicles onto the bridge because it wants to make sure none of the vehicles weigh more than six tons. That includes fire trucks and other heavy emergency vehicles.

Response time by firefighters is one concern local residents will continue to have. The county has concluded that privately owned pickups won't exceed six tons and will be allowed.

King County says it's likely there will be more closures to make repairs to fix any strength deficiencies in the bridge to bring it up to full strength.