SEATTLE – CenturyLink Field is making a change tonight after Saturday’s Kenny Chesney concert. Social media is lighting up with bad reviews, not about the performers on stage, but about the long lines to get inside the stadium.

Kelli Burchette was there Saturday, and describes a disorganized event.

“It started at five o'clock. Doors opened at 4:30 p.m., and trying to get everyone in in a half hour was never going to happen,” said Burchette.

She says there were multiple gates plus long security lines that led to confusion.

“We paid over three hundred dollars for these tickets. It was just completely frustrating,” said Burchette.

That's why she turned to Twitter, writing: “It took over an hour to get into CenturyLink and we will be missing an opening act. What a joke! Where's my refund?”

She wasn't alone. There was a chorus of criticism flowing from social media, with another person writing: “The line to get in is ridiculous.”

A spokesperson at CenturyLink field says they do reviews after every event. In this case, they have decided instead of 30 minutes early, they will open gates an hour early for the next concert.