A Pierce County mother has a message to whoever stole her car: A wheelchair that her special needs son depends on was in the vehicle's trunk. The family is desperate to get it back.

The theft took place sometime Wednesday morning, on 105th Avenue Court East in Graham.

"I can see my car from my bedroom. It's just right outside my window. So it was there. And when I woke back up at seven o'clock this morning, it was gone," said Christina Morgan Corbett.

As a single mother, she says it won't be easy to replace her 2007 Nissan Sentra.

"It was already paid off, and I bought this car with my money," she said. "So for somebody to just take it like it's theirs, it's a shot to the gut. Because I worked for it and they don't deserve what I worked for."

But the car is currently the least of her worries.

"I don't even care if they give the car back. I really just want his chair back. He needs that chair," she said, wiping away tears.

Morgan Corbett is talking about the $5,000 custom-made wheelchair that was built for her 10-year-old son, Cadence.

Cadence suffers from a rare genetic disorder called Mowat-Wilson syndrome.

"He doesn't walk, he doesn't talk. They say with his syndrome, he'll only learn a maximum of 24 to 25 words," said Morgan Corbett. "The wheelchair was custom-made for him. They measured him for it and it was supposed to fit him for five years because they knew he was going to grow. So his insurance won't pay for another one for another three years because he's only had the chair for two years."

She was actually preparing for one of Cadence's doctor's appointments when she put the wheelchair in the trunk of her car on Tuesday evening.

"We had a doctor's appointment at his neurologist on Wednesday, so I loaded up everything the night before so I could just load him into the car and then go," she said.

So when thieves stole the car on Wednesday morning, they also stole a little boy's lifeline.

"I don't know who it is, I don't care who it is, just bring it back to me," she said. "Like how could you do that? It's a child's wheelchair."

If you'd like to help the family, a gofundme page has been set up to raise money to replace the wheelchair and the vehicle.

Morgan Corbett is still hoping someone spots the car, and it's returned soon. She says she needs the car to drive to her job in Lacey and to take her son to his doctor's appointments.

Her Nissan Sentra does have a few features that might make it stand out.

"It does have a mirror on the side, driver's side door, that has a shell that's missing," she said, referring to the cover on the back of the mirror. "It also has one window that's not tinted, because I had to replace the front passenger's side window a month ago when the car was broken into."

If you've seen her car, or have any information that could help track down the vehicle and the wheelchair inside, you're asked to call the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Unfortunately, Morgan Corbett believes the thieves were able to gain access to her car because she forgot to lock one of the vehicle's doors.

It's a lesson she learned the hard way, and is now cautioning others about.

"Lock your doors. I don't care what neighborhood you live in. Just lock your doors. You can't trust anyone these days," she said.