WOODINVILLE, Wash. -- The floral staff at Woodinville's Cottage Lake Safeway are up to their azaleas in orders.


"I think it's just as busy as Valentine's Day," said floral department manager Inger Battista.

You see, they just went through this two weeks ago.

"They are beautiful, but I'm getting sick of roses," said floral worker Sharon Whitlock.

The crew had already put together about 200 boutonnieres and corsages for high school homecoming celebrations.

Lisa Hall's daughter Sophia was an excited junior at Woodinville High School.

"We placed our order and as we were leaving, they told her to have fun at the dance," said Hall. "Sophia just said, 'If we have one!'"

It was a prescient reply, as Sophia's dance was canceled by the now notorious "Windstorm That Never Was."

"It was a good old-fashioned do-over," laughed Lisa.

The more than 200 arrangements that had already been put together wouldn't keep for two more weeks, so the three woman team at Safeway are now assembling 200 more.

"We're getting pretty good at this," smiles Battista.

It takes about 15 minutes to do just a single corsage, so Battista and Whitlock will be working right through Saturday morning. They're enduring sore fingers and tired wrists because the students are pinning their hopes on them for a happy homecoming.

"We can't let them down," says Battista.

Company officials say Safeway and Albertsons stores had the same thing happen with homecoming flowers at 24 different locations. They tell us none of their customers were charged for the remakes.