A Burien man is trying to improve road safety on the other side of the world after his wife was killed in a bicycle accident. Janet Price had retired from years of working a corporate job and was making a name for herself in the art world.

In May, she was killed while on vacation with her husband. Now he wants to try and prevent another tragedy.

Don Theiler and his wife loved adventure and decided to spend their last day in Ireland doing something special.

“We decided we were going to do a boat and bike tour of Killarney National Park," Theiler said. They are active but had no idea of the conditions they'd face on this excursion.

Theiler said the road was dangerous.

“It's a very, very narrow road."

He said they had plenty of company on their journey.

“They allow cars, private cars, and vans, as well as hikers and bikers and vans, and they have a lot of pony carts that are for the tourists as well.”

They had to get off their bikes several times for safety and then went around a particularly sharp curve. Janet collided with a farm cart that was transporting sheep and was killed.

“There are no traffic signs, no traffic controls on these roads," Don explained.

He returned to the scene a few days later and started talking with local police and said many agreed the conditions are dangerous.

He's fighting to get more safety measures.

“At least put signage on these roads.”

He is determined to see change, and Irish authorities have hired an engineer to do a road survey.

“I don't think it's the kind of thing that anybody should have to experience when relatively easy measures can be taken to help prevent it. It doesn't make sense, and for Janet, I'm going to do it."