BUFFALO, NY-- A Facebook video showing a Buffalo police officer playing football in the street with a group of neighborhood kids is going viral.

Channel 2 News viewer Tasha Fields shared the video with WGRZ. The caption says the officer was responding to a noise nuisance call, but how he handled the call is what's earning the officer praise.

Buffalo Police Officer Patrick McDonald tells Channel 2's Melissa Holmes he just wanted to have a little fun. After making a great catch, and before driving off in his police cruiser, he joked, "Do you guys want me to file a police report, because you just got robbed?!"

It was a heartwarming scene. The quarterback in the video, Tremail Woolford, even shared the post using the hashtag, #NotAllCopsAreBadIGuess.

Officer McDonald tells Holmes he didn't do it for recognition, but rather to develop a stronger relationship with the people he protects. McDonald was told by Erie County Legislator Patrick Burke that he would be awarded a Citizen of the Month award on this week.