A Bremerton family had a very close call when a tree crashed into their child's bedroom during Monday’s storm.

“It’s a blessing is what it is,” said Andrew Diehl, a father of four. “I can't explain it.”

Two of Diehl’s children, Bentley, 2, and Paisley, 4, were playing in a bedroom Monday evening when winds howled outside.

Diehl returned home from work, and the kids rushed into the living room to greet him. Moments later, the family heard a crash in the bedroom the kids had just left.

“I heard the loudest thing I ever heard, the biggest boom ever, and all I could think about was, where’s everyone at?” Diehl said.

A tree crashed through a bedroom in a Bremerton home on Monday.

Fortunately, everyone was safe. The house, however, is badly damaged. The Diehls planned to stay in a hotel while their insurance company assessed the damage.

“I'm glad everyone is ok, and the home we can fix,” Diehl said.