Women are not the only ones who get breast cancer. While rare, the disease can also strike men, and when it does, it can often be more deadly.

Lack of Awareness
Many men simply don't know they can get breast cancer. And unlike women, they haven't been taught the warning signs to look out for. They are not told to do self exams, or get mammograms.

Men with symptoms may be embarrassed and delay seeing a doctor until the disease has spread. Male breast cancer is understudied and research is underfunded; furthering the perception that it only affects women.

2016 Statistics
About 2,600 new cases will be diagnosed in the U.S.
About 440 men will die from breast cancer.
*American Cancer Society

Lump or swelling
Dimpling or puckering
Nipple turning inward
Scaling of nipple or breast skin,
Redness of the nipple or breast skin

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