BOTHELL, Wash. – A Bothell family is still recovering from the emotions of baby Ezra’s first six months of life.

Laura Koenig, Ezra’s mother, said a prenatal visit brought the first signs of a problem. Later doctors said Ezra had two heart defects. The family was told the only way to treat it was with a transplant. After 23 days on the waiting list, Ezra received a heart.

“My first thought was the donor family honestly,” said Daniel Koenig, Ezra’s father. “Thinking here I am, my son is at the hospital, and this is the best day of my life, and their son is at the hospital, and it's the worst day of their life.”

It's one of several emotions the family continues to struggle with, and Ezra still faces many serious health hurdles.

<p>Koenig family.</p>

Financially, insurance covers a lot, but nowhere close to all of the costs associated with the baby's medical needs. That's why the family is grateful for the Children's Organ Transplant Association. It is a national charity that guides communities in raising funds for transplant related expenses.

In the family’s hometown of Bothell there's an effort to raise funds in honor of Ezra.

“I think ultimately, it will allow us to spend more time with him and focus on enjoying every moment,” said Laura.

After what the Koenig family has been through, time together is priceless.