The city of Seattle's Office of the Waterfront released its 328-page report Monday unveiling plans for the new Alaskan Way project, including pedestrian and bicycle pathways.

But not everyone was excited about the new waterfront, which includes an 8-lane stretch of Alaskan Way that will be built between Pioneer Square and the waterfront

Tom Fucoloro, the cyclist behind the Seattle Bike Blog, slammed the plans on Twitter.

"It was the scariest thing I saw on Halloween," said Fucoloro. "It should be people first. They basically decided they want to prioritize the movement of cars over the experience of having a good waterfront that people want."

Not so, says the Office of the Waterfront.

Marshall Foster, the office's director, points out that the new surface street will only take up one-third of the total project.

He says it's needed to support four lanes of cars and trucks coming off SR-99, two lanes of bus traffic, and two lanes of ferry traffic.

"I'm worried it will be one of those things where we build it and people come out to see it, and say, 'what!'" said Fucoloro.

The city plans to build the new waterfront when the state tears down the viaduct in 2019.

For more information, visit the city's website to see the project plans.