There's a line forming at Bellingham Technical College this weekend - but not for a concert or show. Students are waiting to apply for a spot in the school's nursing program.

At least 33 people are camping out, waiting for the admissions office to open at 8 o'clock Monday morning. The line started forming Friday night.

Bellingham Technical College recently switched its nursing school application system from a lottery to first-come, first-serve admissions applications process. The college will take the applications and review them as they come in, but not everyone who applies will be accepted. About 60 people will be accepted into the program. The college will accept applications throughout the school year as well.

Officials were really surprised by the turnout and excitement by students in the change of process.

"Some students have done the lottery for 5 years and not made it in, so hopefully this change opens up the admissions process a bit more," said Marni Mayer, director of public information with Bellingham Technical College.