BELLEVUE, Wash. – The longest and tallest train trestle in the Northwest could become a new section of the Eastside Rail Corridor by 2020.

Governor Jay Inslee, King County Executive Dow Constantine, and other officials announced their plans to fund a $10 million project to convert the Wilburton Trestle near downtown Bellevue into a hiking and biking trail.

The Eastside Rail Corridor would stretch 16 miles from Renton to Woodinville.

"If you want to go fast on a bike, that's fine. If you want to go slow on a stroller, that's fine. If you want to woo your sweetheart watching the sunset, that's fine too," said Inslee. "This is a multi-model transportation plan as good as it gets."

"This represents our proud industrial past," said Constantine. "It will soon be a stunning trail for commuters, cyclists, runners and pedestrians."

The project still needs $3 million in additional funding.

It would open by 2020.