Dozens of customers are now searching for answers after a popular hypnosis center seems to have shut down. Clients of Positive Changes went to the Bellevue location only to find it closed without any notice and are now concerned they may be out thousands of dollars.

“I got here and the doors were locked,” Kim Howman said, explaining she has been driving to Bellevue from Blaine every week since last fall for hypnosis appointments. “I’m a little angry. I’ve been driving for about two and a half hours.”

The center aims to help people lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better, among other things, through hypnosis. Howman and several other clients, who preferred not going on the record outside the center, found a sign saying Positive Changes was closed for the Easter holiday.

This is despite the company emailing appointment confirmations.

“Just last week I was in here to set up the next three weeks, so they were there to set me up on their calendar. It’s just a surprise,” Howman said.

Customers in Spokane are facing a similar situation.

A corporate spokesperson said that headquarters is still looking for information about the closings, as the national office in Iowa discovered the four Northwest locations had closed on Friday the same way customers did.

Positive Changes’ Northwest locations – in Bellevue, Spokane, Beaverton and Boise – are franchised by a Spokane-based company called ET Research, which has not yet returned phone calls.

Meantime, Howman and other customers who say they spent upwards of $3,000 for treatments want refunds if the centers are closed for good.