Bellevue parents, citing concerns about possible health risks, protested crumb rubber turf at a school board meeting Tuesday.

An upcoming remodel at Bennett Elementary includes installing a coated crumb rubber turf.

Parent Allison Huff said she's worried about "the perceived risk of cancer, illness, respiratory disease, and skin irritation."

Laura Johnson fought and lost a crumb rubber field battle at her children's school in Edmonds. She attended the meeting to share her concerns.

"What we are saying is the kids shouldn't be the guinea pigs on this one," said Johnson.

During the school board's public comment period, several parents said the issue has not been studied enough, and they are not convinced crumb rubber is safe.

But as the clock ran out, the comments were not enough to convince board members.

Melissa DeVita, Bellevue School District deputy superintendent of finance and operations, said based on the information they have right now, the plan is to move forward with a coated crumb rubber turf for Bennett Elementary.

"There is just not a lot of evidence out there that suggests that it is as hazardous as some are thinking it is," said DeVita.