BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Behind a chain link fence, a collection of old flowers rest gently beneath Chimneys Condominiums in Bellevue. They are a reminder of the massive fire that gutted the building last month, and the two homeowners who died that evening.

"Just the tragedy that occurred that night," remarked homeowner association board member Tony Cosentino, "Two people were lost that were just wonderful."

The fire lit up the Bellevue sky October 21, and remains under investigation by the Bellevue Fire Department. 21 families were displaced.

A series of GoFundMe pages were created to help those homeowners as they struggle to move forward. While some, like Cosentino, had insurance, others were not so lucky.

"One couple got their keys on Friday," said Cosentino, "The fire happened Monday.

"There's a number of folks that may not be able afford to keep their homes," he continued. "The displacement is a big deal."

Cosentino said a fundraiser is being planned for January 12, though details are still being worked out.